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Headlines Who here can vote ??


Hooked on Rocks!
Alright I know who I'm votin for! After careful consideration, and deliberation with my family, co-workers, and boss, I can't seem to find a logical reason to look the other way! I was at the local market the other day and they had a poll set-up and you could vote right there, very cool! But at this point I was still on the fence! I don't like G-Dub cuz according to him were gonna "FINISH THE JOB". This is costing me as a tax payer way too much and tha funds could be diverted towards a more meaningful cause, and I have this nagging voice that tells me there's more to the story than removing Saddam, bio logical weapons, and all that hoopla! And What the Fuck about our troops? Throw'em a fuckin bone already! Talk about fighting for a lost cause!

Now there's John fuckin Kerry. I not sure if he can tackle the job bein the CHIEF! It's easy for some one to say "DO YOU WANT MORE OF THE SAME". but he still has to clean up the mess and set things strait, AND convince the world that we REALLY aren't assholes! Now I ask does he know SHIT FROM SHINOLA? This election sucks donkey balls! We aren't voting for the candidate we like, NO, were voting for the one we hope won't fuck things up the most.

*Disappointment sets in* Having said this John Fuckin Kerry has my vote! So when he fucks things up, (if he makes it) I can kick myself in the ass for my contribution to his election! :confused:

Any one else got sumthin to say? :confused: :question:


Hooked on Rocks!
I didn't know this was an ISSUE? I thought it was my personal experience that I was sharing? Well O.K. I U say so!


Destroyer of worlds
Well if you didn't want it then you shouldn't have asked for it. Would have gotten on your shoe anyway if you stepped in that voting booth.


How dare you!?
well i cant vote but i would vote for the lesser of the dumasses which is kerry. but neither of them are that smart. so like i said i would just pick the one that is the best out of the two dumbasses.
evilghoul said:
I can't vote, but I dont think I would, because out of billions of votes, mine wont make a fuckin difference :rolleyes:
that's the way i see it too... my vote doesn't count for shit...

but then again...

i'm canadian, so it doesn't really matter :)


You're my number two
Voting is your right. Just like it's your right to get back overpayment on your income tax. I bet this year you'll find a ride to H&R block to get your taxes done.