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who shares your username?


Hella Constipated
Nobody...Possibly the most unimaginitive name ever. Named after the 1995 PC hit game Descent by Parallax Software.

However... IRC Server said:
[whois: Descent]
» address :
» name : NX-89065
» origin : Samoa
» level : 1
» identd : ident is on
» channel(s) : #coasttocoastam @+#winnipegcars
» server : just the same old re-runs
» actual host/ ip : actually
» idle : 2days 8hrs 32mins 22secs
» signon : April 13 2005
» resolved : 1sec
Hence, I go by the name Descent95 on there.


That's Illogical.
Well, damn me...there's a restaurant named after me, and a Bibas company that produces hawaiian shirts :p . That's nice. I'll have to buy one of 'em.