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Who would you fuck?


this game me and some of my friends play when we get bored.

here is how you play:
pick any two people, anyone it doesn't matter
then the next person has to pick one and nether is not an option.
then that person says 2 people, for the next person to from.
people in national spotlight are always good to pick(sence everyone knows whoi they are), and Obviously people on make it fun.

Example: i say "who you want to fuck? Katie or Sue"
then the next person says what person they rather fuck. then they say two diffrent people, and so on, and so on.

well i hope this will be fun:rotflmao:
ok now lets start.

Who you want to fuck?

Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie?


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
I have to say Emma Watson because I don't like the other one...

who would you like to ride on,
Orlando Bloom or Viggo Mortenson?