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Offbeat Whoa, She is to old.

This is fucking weird, She is way to old!!

FORT PAYNE, Ala. (AP) - A 57-year-old great-grandmother who gave birth to a set of twins last month said Thursday she danced with her husband only hours after the delivery.

"I was feeling absolutely great, almost like I hadn't delivered," Rosee Swain said on a television show. "It was just a good birth and I felt great and I was hungry. It went great."

Christian Kaczur Hart and Diana Rose Angelina, conceived through in vitro fertilization, were born April 20 at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Ala., four weeks premature. Swain and her husband, Jay, brought the babies home to Fort Payne on Friday.

This Shit Is Fucked Up
When you get that old, you should'nt have children. By the time your children are 16 you might be dead! Plus, when you get older the risk or having mentally disabled children increases. You would'nt have anything in common with your child, and personaly, I dont think that if I was that age I would want to have to deal with that kind of responsibility. When you're that age you ahould be relaxing and enjoying your life, not worrying about children!


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
While I am not surprised it's stories like this that sadden me. She is way way too old, I agree with you. It should be a crime to have great-grandparents having children. They'll have to devop new word for the whole fucking thing, like "Grandchildren post, Grandchildren pre" or who knows. Crazy shit.
Well...1. she's gonna die by the time her kids reach college, as before mentioned...and 2, who would do someone that old? just asking, maybe she was hot :confused:


i belive she is fifty. Her body is amazing for a fifty year old. Just gives me the shivers thinking that she is fifty. On second thought, i am going get my self a bowflex.