Why are boomers so shit at grocery shopping?


Lovely and deadly
I've seen a bunch of these stories online, about people's boomer family members hoarding expired food in their kitchen pantry. My boomer family does this too. They will buy a bunch of shit like food, drinks, and medicine. They will forget that they already have these things, and every week they buy more of the same shit. It all piles up in their kitchen and eventually expires. The worse part is that they don't even pay attention to the expiration date, so if they randomly decide to eat a sandwich or whatever, they end up just using the moldy bread and ancient mayo to eat. It shouldn't bother me because it's their money and food, but it pisses me off that they can't even take the time to make sure what they are eating is safe.
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They know they're boomers, and they want their bowels to honour that title.
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Rey de Currumpaw
Well, that would be because expiration dates on most foods refer to food quality and not food safety. Most "boomers" are children of people that grew up during the depression or the fallout of the depression. So hoarding and stockpiling is common among that demographic.

Many foods are plenty safe to eat past expiration. Also, discernment and judgement usually guide reasonable folks on food safety.

If you have family eating spoiled food... Maybe do them a favor and throw it out.

Also, you may want to take notes on which are still good... The 2021 bread lines will be legendary.
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How is it Beautiful Sniper is still allowed to create such fail threads?

... There's gotta be a Forum setting or something?
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