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Why are women so stupid?

I'm 18 years old and a freshman at college. Before I left to go to college *Which is six hours away from my home*, I decided that I did not want to live without my girlfriend. So, what did I do? I went out on a limb and proposed to her. She knew what the hell she'd have to deal with, she knew what I'd be doing, where I'd be, everything. I even bought a cell phone with free long distance so she/I could call whenever we wanted.

For the first few months everything was a little rough. Every now and then we'd fight over the phone (Have you ever been far away from someone? Makes things unstable, tend to argue). Mainly because I'm a jackass and I say sarcastic things. You can't really hear sarcasm over the phone, I'd end up getting my ass chewed out, lalala. Everything would end up okay though. I'd make that six hour drive every other weekend to go see her. 750 Miles roundtrip, 85 dollars on gas. Yeah, not cheap, not fun. But the end product of the trip was worth it.

Then, a few weeks ago, she said teh distance was getting to her. So what did I do? I offered to transfer to another school in order to be closer. The computer science department was actually alot better at the school I was transferring to and it was alot cheaper. So in reality, I was killing 2 birds with one stone. I put in for my transfer, set in for my withdrawal from the university. So basically, it was inevitable that I was transferring. 2 days ago, She decided to cut off our relationship because she didn't want to be six hours away, and decided to go out with someone that's closer to her. She started going out with someone WHILE we were engaged, WHILE I was basically changing my future, WHILE I was about to make my life more difficult, all so I could be closer to her. ----Fuck...Her---

Why are people so eager to jump into something without recognizing what's going to happen? I laid my life on the line for her only to have her leave me for some dumbass. College is a place for un-emotional sex. I could have been fucking my brains out, but no. I decided that I'd throw in the towel to love. So now, I'm going to be closer to home, living in an apartment by myself, broke all teh fucking time, all because she wanted something she did not intend to follow through with.

Life's moral? Don't get engaged this young in life. And make sure when you DO get engaged, the other side IS sincere.


That really rotts. I'm not ready to get engaged. I don't know that I will be for a long time. She should have thought it through. Man... At least u're at a better college for ur degree that costs less.


The Iron Lung
I dont mean to sound insensitive here but...thats what your dumb ass gets for proposing at 18...I cant even imagine what it would be like, being that dumb...females do not become women until they are like 35...until then you have to hope they dont change their mind about you....Its like they have ADD, only really heinous ADD and they dont give a advice...fuck as much as you possibly can...I'm sure that will get your mind off her pretty damn quick...just dont expect to find the love of your life doing that.


Angel of Death
um i was engaged at 17 still in high school. was married at 20. Sometimes you just Know it.


The Iron Lung
you NEVER still have a lot of growing to do....I hope it works out....but i wouldnt be surprised if it havent had the chance to play the field find out what you really like.


this wasnt even about being engaged how could that bitch let you change your life around just to be with her and then dump you. want me to beat her up for you?

but at least you lived and you learned. these experiences will only make you stronger in the end. :-/


I wouldnt say they are stupid. Annoying, irrational, moody yes.

You never know where you stand with them. One minute they are all cool and that, next minute they switch and chew your cock off.

Its one of those unexplained phenomenons that men are never supposed to figure out. They say being tired / on the blob / whatever to justify them being insane at times, but they are just exuses.

We fucking hate them, but we fucking love them.

Oh yeah, welcome toss pot. :mfinger: