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Why can't some teachers just understand some things?

I feel like none of the teachers anywhere try to understand or get to know their students. Like, back in elementary, I used to fidget, get off task, and not focus because I had ADHD; and the one thing that kind of eased my mind was drawing. (I've actually gotten pretty good at it.) However, we didn't have art class often, and whenever a teacher caught me drawing, they instantly were like, "Put that away," or "Give that to me". I wasn't doing anything wrong, either, because I had always finished my work and usually got bored.

Another time, *multiple* teachers had gotten mad because I had my headphones around my neck. Not on my head, on my NECK. It's not like music was playing, either. they would've been in my backpack, but I didn't have space. I can't use ear buds because they always fall out of my ears and they don't work with my phone. They know that, but I swear, they really don't care.

And yes, I know I'm a teenager with teenager problems and that I should just get over this shit.
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I don't know know why adults get jobs working with kids and teenagers, then find complaints about them. Teachers should just deal with students because those teachers chose to teach those students.

Most teachers in college are chill and don't get upset about stuff thankfully.
The teachers just see things like your distracted behavior as a sign of disrespect. Let them know you have ADHD. And require things to keep you focused.

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#1 drawing in class gives me NO assurance that you are listening to me in class. So, put your drawing away. Doodle on a notebook if you have to.
#2 my school has a policy that headphones are to be left in your locker, no matter how big they are. If they can't fit there, you should leave them at home. There are rules that teachers are supposed to enforce whether we think they are dumb or not. It's my job to tell you to put your headphones away.

Speaking of rules, I don't think you think much of them. If you're 18, you're following the rules here. If not, I'm going to have to give you a suspension until your 18th birthday.

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O.P: I'm sorry this fucks parents didn't teach it to respect others, at all. Teachers only care about the children in their charge. What this fuck doesn't understand is the teacher must put the learning, safety and needs of the entire body of students above this fucks individual needs. If the teachers in question are anything like my wife they are feeding, funding and trying to teach very basic life skills to upwards of 300 students who have a very wide range of basic life skills and resources. They spend around a thousand dollars of their own money every year feeding (my wife always keeps granola bars and apples in her office to feed kids who's "parents" are more interested in their boyfriend/girlfriend/next hit, than caring for their unwanted yuppy larva) ; and supporting those kids with school supplies, clothing, tampons, toothbrushes and fucking deodorant for gods sake.

As a matter of fact - go kick your dad in the nuts and slap your ma's face for not teaching you any common fucking decency you little puke. You and your parents make me sick figuratively and your teachers literally.