Why do i hate more and more people as i get older...


Fresh Meat
As i got into my second year of high school..I truley realized how much life sucks..All the people who were once your friends..basically fuck you over for some older people...People just say nasty shit to you..for NO reason at all..I hate people..Everyone now Just judges you..And above that they are the ones who are retarded..they just fall into peer pressure..and whine about getting 95s..Basically where im going with this is that..im sick of fucking people who dislike someone just because theyre views..or there life style.And how they will just turn there backs on you because they are so fuckin desperate for attention...


That Guy
there's one reason for such unbridled hate...

it's because you geht older and realize how stupid people really are.

trust me... i've been there :)


pocket pal
It's true, as you get older, especially in high school in college, your IQ drops at an average of 50 points a day. Oh, sure, you may still act smart, and you may get good grades and have a lot of friends and stuff, but at the end of the day, you're more retarded than you were in elementary school. It's just a fact of life. The best thing you can do is look for the least retarded of the people in your area and befriend them. That way, you won't be cynical and pissed off alone.