Why I don't talk to my mother


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Long story short. My mother has for my entire life taken everyones side but mine while telling me I'm her most special child. She let others raise me for half my young life. About January of 2004 my life was at bottom. My mother-in-law died, and I was pretty much her caregiver for years, had no other job because it was too much. She had no life insurance and when she died it destroyed us finacially. We were about to get kicked out of our place and be homeless so I asked her for the 300 dollars she had borrowed from me a few years earlier. She is now married to some guy pulling in well into 6 figures. She also makes some cash herself. I thought it was no big deal but her new super republican man was all over it. So she VERY grudginly gave me the money. So I'm busting my ass looking for work and about a month later we're still struggling, so I ask her for 300 additional dollars. This is the only time I've asked for money since leaving home at 17, and I was 34. So then she starts swearing and cussing me out, calling me lazy and useless, then she unloads on my wife what a no good I am and how I better get it together and how this money was a loan and not a gimme and on and on. Now before her new man my wife and I helped her all the time and she just loved having us drive 2 1/2 hours to go visit her and it was the most important thing to her. Enter man and now I'm shit again. Ahhhhh love.

I haven't spoken to her since, and have no desire to. I hope she finds happiness though. Just not with me involved.

That's why I haven't spoken to my mom in over a year.