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Why I shouldnt try to talk about anything.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Note: Sorry this is long, I was going to take some of it out, but then, it wouldnt make sense. Its funny. Shut up Max. Dont you all feel kind of sorry for Broken?

<|DG|> why would anyone have a microwave transmitter?
[22:22] <|DG|> and how would it fry you?
[22:22] <|Broken> I hate working on Xmitters
[22:22] <|DG|> can i kill my ex that way?
[22:22] <brainwash> you have a microwave don't ya?
[22:22] <|Broken> lol
[22:22] <|Broken> There's no way
[22:22] <|Broken> he would know
[22:22] <|Broken> Trust
[22:22] <|Broken> I did a xmitter in OK
[22:23] <|Broken> Oklahoma
[22:23] <brainwash> maybe he was drunk...
[22:23] <brainwash> I dunno
[22:23] <|Broken> and when we were like at 700 ft
[22:23] <brainwash> that's what the website said
[22:23] <|Broken> you could feel that they didnt' turn on the MW
[22:23] <|Broken> off
[22:23] <brainwash> bumr
[22:24] <|Broken> lol
[22:24] <|Broken> Fuck you
[22:24] <brainwash> what...
[22:24] <brainwash> now your gonna get cancer
[22:24] <|Broken> I stopped climbin
[22:24] <|Broken> lol
[22:24] <|Broken> NO
[22:24] <|Broken> Just can't have kids
[22:24] <brainwash> you will too
[22:24] <|Broken> 3 is enought
[22:24] <brainwash> ha
[22:24] <|DG|> ok but what does a mc trans do?
[22:24] <|DG|> like for satelites and stuff?
[22:24] <|Broken> yeah
[22:24] <|DG|> dont they use mc waves?
[22:25] <|Broken> you can feel it
[22:25] <|Broken> what is MC?
[22:25] <|DG|> microwave in dg language
[22:25] <|DG|> fuck off
[22:25] <|Broken> Oh
[22:25] <brainwash> Microcave
[22:25] <|Broken> yeah
[22:25] <|DG|> lol
[22:25] <|Broken> lol
[22:25] <|Broken> yes
[22:25] <|Broken> you can feel it
[22:25] <brainwash> it's a tiny cave
[22:25] <|Broken> you heart
[22:25] <|Broken> your
[22:26] <brainwash> Microwaves excite water particles...
[22:26] <|Broken> you can feel the freq
[22:26] <brainwash> that's how it cooks stuff
[22:26] <|Broken> I hate that shit
[22:26] <|Broken> That's why I do computers now
[22:26] <|DG|> cool. then why does metal explode in a microwave?
[22:26] <|Broken> No
[22:26] <|DG|> and how can you have a metal microwave that doestn explode?
[22:26] <|Broken> that called eddy current
[22:26] <brainwash> metal doesn't absorb microwave oven
[22:27] <|Broken> Bah
[22:27] <brainwash> waves
[22:27] <|Broken> it's a short
[22:27] <|Broken> Metal
[22:27] <|DG|> k
[22:27] <|Broken> Ok
[22:27] <|DG|> so what about the stainless steel microwaves that are stainless steel on the inside.
[22:27] <|DG|> wouldnt they blow up?
[22:27] <brainwash> he he
[22:27] <|DG|> are you laughing at me?
[22:27] <|Broken> The distance between the molicules are too short
[22:27] * |DG| glares menacingly
[22:28] <|DG|> ok
[22:28] <|Broken> so it's a short
[22:28] <|Broken> every through air
[22:28] <|Broken> even
[22:28] <|DG|> but if yo put a stainless steel spoon in a microwave,the distance is longer and therefore it creates a larger amount of motion and shorts it out
[22:28] <|Broken> the potenial is too high
[22:28] <|Broken> what?
[22:28] <|DG|> i dunno
[22:29] <|DG|> im just typin shit
[22:29] <|Broken> No
[22:29] <brainwash> the distance between molecules
[22:29] <brainwash> liek holding a fork near a light socket
[22:29] <|Broken> I don't know
[22:29] <brainwash> and it sparks
[22:29] <brainwash> it's a short
[22:29] <|DG|> k i know
[22:29] <|Broken> you people are carazy
[22:29] <|DG|> but
[22:29] <|DG|> in a microwave
[22:29] <|DG|> that is metal
[22:29] <|DG|> on the inside
[22:29] <|Broken> yeah
[22:29] <|Broken> no
[22:29] <|DG|> and doesnt short
[22:30] <|Broken> it's plastic
[22:30] <|DG|> yes ive seen them
[22:30] <|Broken> nope
[22:30] <|DG|> it looks like metal
[22:30] <|DG|> is shiny
[22:30] <|Broken> lol
[22:30] <brainwash> plastic coated metal
[22:30] <|DG|> and says fucking stainless steel
[22:30] <|Broken> That will not work
[22:30] <brainwash> I want a microwave that says Fucking Stainless Steel
[22:30] <|Broken> lol
[22:30] <|DG|> i had a really old microwave
[22:30] <|Broken> No
[22:30] <|DG|> and it was rusting like in the back in the corner
[22:30] <|DG|> and it didnt explode
[22:30] <|Broken> Microwaves are easy
[22:30] <|DG|> but it scared me so i bought a new one.
[22:31] <brainwash> metal doesn't explode in a microwave
[22:31] <|DG|> short
[22:31] <brainwash> it shorts out
[22:31] <|DG|> whatever
[22:31] <|DG|> fuck off
well that was alot of reading :confused: to find out the moral of the story. i didn't get one :confused:.........anything to do with microwaves, computers, etc i am completely lost, so i was lost in most of the conversation :rolleyes:


Banned - What an Asshat!
brainwashmonkey said:
He he, I took part in that conversation... and It still doesn't make any sense to me. :confused:
This is exactly why I didn't read the chat log. I read your comment first, and if you didn't know what the fuck you guys were talking about, why would I even try to understand it? :confused:


You're my number two
[00:29] <|DG|> my son is playing smoke on the water
[00:29] <|DG|> on his guitar
[00:30] <lcarus> Have you grounded him from every privelidge he's ever had yet?
[00:30] <|DG|> no
[00:30] <|DG|> im a push over
[00:30] <lcarus> But it's the devil's music!
[00:30] <|DG|> i love devil music
[00:30] <|DG|> he can play iron man too
[00:30] <lcarus> Haha
[00:31] <|DG|> dont ever have kids
[00:31] <|DG|> at least not until you are rich
[00:31] <|DG|> and old with patience
[00:31] <lcarus> Good advice
[00:32] <|DG|> cl says dinner didnt taste good.
[00:32] <|DG|> lol
[00:32] <|DG|> he shoulda went to mcd's instead of having ME cook it
[00:41] <lcarus> Back
[00:41] <lcarus> Tell him to suck it
[00:42] <lcarus> You cooked it. He should be thankful. I ate cocopuffs because my mom's wasted.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I remember that.

I said it.

And she was pretty wasted. :thumbsup:


Banned - What an Asshat!
ChilianFuckFace said:
This is exactly why I didn't read the chat log. I read your comment first, and if you didn't know what the fuck you guys were talking about, why would I even try to understand it? :confused:
My oint exactly.. I didnt even know what they were talking about.