why is everyone so superficial


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tzedek said:
I dont get it...
Well, if you're wondering about American's being superficial, it's because it's part of their culture. I don't get why people buy that shit either though.


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idunno69 said:
perhaps it would help if you told us what happened to cause you to make this comment in the first place

nothing in perticular... well actually ok i was at wal mart and the cashier said how are you? fine... then after she said have a nice day and i thought like she really cares how my day is going to be. Nothing out of the norm just made me think a little bit. Thats why i always ask whats going on or whats up becuase when you ask how are you its basically a rhetorical question.


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That just sounds like a standard greeting and small talk to me. People resort to it to help fill in the awkward silences they have to endure while in the company of other people they don't know or don't know what to talk about. Not that I'm making a case that people aren't superficial, but the fact of the matter is that most people really don't care how you're doing if they don't know you. Why? Because they don't know you. When they ask "how are you doing" do you ever reply with anything more detailed than "fine" or "not bad" etc.? If you ever do, they're probably sorry they asked. People have enough of their own problems that they probably really want to hear about other people's all the time too.


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^^ damn straight..
but i usually respond with...'eh....im still sleepy...'....or..'fuckin classes are killing me...' ...which they are..and i normally am sleepy.....anyways...yeah....i kinda think we're all superficial in a way...a little bit of us contributes the the whole pepsi-pop-culture....somewhat...how...i cant think of anything right now...im too sleepy....