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Why is this ok??

Jane Deere

CEO at Janer's Garage
Why is it ok for women to comment suggestively and say downright dirty things about pictures of men and then turn around and crucify a man who does the same thing? This is absolutely infuriating to me! It's so hypocritical! I can't say that I haven't been guilty of it in the past, but I never dragged a man through the coals for it either.

I am getting really sick of the double standard. Why is this "ok?"


Um... it's not ok and don't let anyone tell you it is. Matter of fact we all know what is ok and what isn't, anybody who thinks they know better is trying to get something from you.


I could go all day on this one...and a lot of it points to the average human just isn't that smart...especially with their social and personal beliefs. But what @Crazizniac said is right and more relevant.

I will say, we did it to ourselves. Men were the primary drivers of making women sex objects. So much so, that women adapted and picked up behaviors associated with it too. The entire world participated in this. That's why you have ultra conservative women who turn their heads to things that are explicitly wrong towards women. Well... if the world is convinced as a whole that making women these sex objects that you constantly chase is ok, then that means we love when they finally, "Holla atchya boiiii" we like it, find it entertaining, we feel special, and more importantly, we label it harmless.

Now the world is hyper-focused on how wrong all of this actually the primary parts of that topic are going to see the brunt of the change...eventually the other behavior associated, will catch up. But it takes people thinking the way @Crazizniac stated, and being consistent, for it to fully catch up.
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There's a very good chance that I don't care.
MGTOW on the rise and there is no stopping it. Unimaginable wealth has created a false reality which will evaporate once we reach the wall of exponential growth. We live in Pretendoville.
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I just looked up Swedish netball team and would have to agree with Rove.

Welcome to the world of double standards Jane. You see people want equality when it comes to jobs and pay but not when it comes to etiquette.
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