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Why there will be no season 3 of Chapelle's Show


Famed and elusive comic praises Blizzard's popular MMORPG at San Francisco nightclub appearance.

After indefinitely abandoning work on his hit Chappelle's Show, comedian Dave Chappelle absconded to South Africa to escape the fallout. Since returning to the US, he has made several unannounced appearances at Los Angeles comedy clubs, and this week played two little-publicized shows at the Punchline in San Francisco.

At his San Francisco gigs, Chappelle revealed he has also been getting away to a place farther off than Johannesburg--Azeroth, no less. Attendees to Chappelle's Tuesday night show said the comedian voiced his love of a certain popular MMORPG from Blizzard Entertainment.

"You know what I've been playing a lot of?" the comedian reportedly asked the crowd. "World of Warcraft!" When a few cheers broke out, he reportedly responded, "I knew I had some geek brothers and sisters up in here!" Chappelle also was said to have expressed his amusement seeing WoW characters with names referring to his most famous sketches, including a rogue called "I'm Rick James, B****."

Chappelle is a long-standing and vocal fan of games. Most famously, he did a Grand Theft Auto parody on his highly rated (and now in limbo) sketch series, the second season of which has shattered sales records on DVD. He also reportedly turned down a major role in GTA: San Andreas, although his Chappelle's Show costar Charlie Murphy voiced a San Fierro pimp in the game.
Dude, what would his name be? The possibilities are endless. Runaway Comic. I'm not on crack, really. Neal sucks.

Who knows. Several Celebrities are on the internet, everywhere.

But all jokes aside, I'm really concerned over whether there will be a 3rd Season. It'd be horrible if Dave let it all drop at the top of his height.


I never really liked the Chapelle show. So I guess it's no loss to me. But it sounds like he's being a bit too flakey to deal with. I'd probobly can him too.


Hella Constipated
bombchu said:
HAHAHAH that dumbass

I bet he sucks ass at WoW
Considering he is a hardcore gamer he probobly kicks ass and chews bubble gum. He also must enjoy the Dreamcast, because I could have sworn seeing him in an ad for it once. But I never thought about it until now. I think it was Chu Chu Rocket or something, I have like 12 issues of Official Sega Dreamcast magazine on my shelf and I'll scan the ad for you guys - they are bimonthly and came with a demo disc, which I still have. If it was in Game Informer I have about 40 of those and it would be in at most 22 of them.

The only reason I remember is because the Chu Chu Rocket ad was somewhat racist and totally stereotypical, so I laughed my ass off at it. I think Dave was a black pimp.