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How am I still alive
WHY the fuck does my brain fuck me around all the time!!!
like, I have this great bf, but as soon as he says she is good looking I get that to "hmm I wouldnt mind fucking her" im just so stupid!
or is it just bevouse my ex cheated..and one of the girls he cheated with was my ex bestfriend?? HELP fucking HELP this stupid minded asshole (aka me)

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
ah that sucks. theres nothing any one of us can do or say that will help you. You're just going to have to train your brain not to think those things.


How dare you!?
hmm.. that does stink.. but i would bet that there are many many people out there that are having the same problem. If it really bothers you when he comments about an attractive women then tell him. Dont ball him out just tell him that your ex cheated on you and that when he comments on attractive girls tell him that it just worries you. Im sure he'll understand.
good luck


Flame Bait
When a guy says that a girl looks good, he means 'I wouldn't mind fucking her'. Why else would he say that she looks good? If she didn't look good then why would you want to fuck her? Maybe it's me, or maybe it's every guy I know that when a girl looks good, it's something that they would fuck. I mean give the guy a break, there are plenty of girls better looking than you.... Admit it! Your not the best fuck around so get over it and just be happy that he sticks around and fucks you exclusively.... Because seriously look at the competition, there fucking HOT!!!!


yeh of course he wouldnt mind fucking her. if you whine about it he will soon get tired of it and find someone else. start saying things like "wow that girl has a really hot ass" he will think you are cool and relaxed about the fact that, as humans, we like more than one person. as long as he dont think you want a threesome, that can be awkward lol