Wiener Wagon of Sin!!


Hooked on Rocks!
Sadly this could only happen in the U.S. Pretty funny though!

December 30, 2004 -- Long Island cops have busted two women who were selling hot dogs — and themselves — from a food truck parked along a busy stretch of Sunrise Highway, authorities said.

Rose Skorge, 34, and Catherina Scalia, 38, were charged yesterday with prostitution.

According to police, Scalia and Skorge started parking in Baldwin about four months ago and sold hot dogs, chips and sodas to dozens of unsuspecting customers from the front of the truck — and sex in the back.

When they spotted a potential consumer for their other business, they would first offer to strip, and then, if the man appeared to be craving something more, take it to the next level, according to cops.

"We've never seen hot dogs mixed with prostitution before," Deputy Inspector Rick Capece said. "There are so many jokes, so little time."

Acting on a tip, a police officer visited the truck and was propositioned, cops said.

Capece said that Scalia offered to reveal a part of her body for $50. When the officer declined, Scalia allegedly said that Skorge would perform a sex act for the same $50.

When the officer again balked, Scalia promised additional services from Skorge for the same $50, cops said.

In the back of the truck was a captain's chair and a couch, where Capece said the sex acts would take place.

And they weren't even tidy about their legitimate business — open bags of chips were scattered around. "It's certainly not the most sanitary hot dog truck I've ever seen," he said.

Scalia, who lives in Rockville Centre, told police she's only a stripper and that Skorge, of Merrick, was the one turning tricks in the back of the truck.

Cards for the stripper service littered the truck. On the cards, the women went by the names "Diamond" and "Roxy" and the business was called "Double Delicious," a possible reference to their hot dog sidelight.