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Wierd dream....


Banned - What an Asshat!
Okay, so I went to sleep, and I dreamed. I dreamed a realistic dream of me sleeping in a peaceful grassland, with nothing and nobody around but grass and it's mysterious beauty. Then, in the dream I was suddenly in my room, and I thought that I had woken up, because it was such a realistic representation of my room. But I was not alone "in my room." No, for there was a man of whom I cannot remember the details looming over me. Almost immediately after the dream had switched scenery, I woke up (for real) and noticed that my brother was shaking me that I might get up in time to get to school "un-tardy." Anyway, just a strange dream... or was it?


You're my number two
Was there a funny taste in your mouth, or blood in your underwear? Cause if so, that was gehtfuct.