WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Willy WTF...


Oppressing your posts...
ok well i did the searchy thing and the only two threads that involve this is some necroposted ones...

just seen Charlie and the chocolate factory tonight... wtf was that...I own the original and like it, and I pretty much like this one too but more for the demented nature of it rather then the kid fun of the old one..

The look on johhny depp's face the whole time it seemed he had some kind of sinister plot involved...


Tears of Blood
i must agree with you on this one. the old one was better, and johnny depp (i think i mispelled that..o well) just seemed to eccentric for the part. gene wilder was all nonchalant, go fuck urselves if u want kinda attitude...and depp had to much emotion in this one.