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My computer auto-downloaded some updates today, so i installed them and restarted. thent he thing popped up to install them so i clicked okay and it said that one update was not installed:
Agere Systems - Modems - Agere Systems PCI soft modem

so then after it popped up again i went to custom install, found it was the only update and clicked to install, then i clicked to watch the target. in the little screen where it has the progress, the bar goes, goes, then finishes, but it says failed on the side and i get the "did not install update: ", plus the thing pops up again in 5 minutes. i probably dont need this update since this computer is connected to a wireless network and doesnt use a modem, but it keeps popping up, and could (im not sure) be blocking future updates from download by sitting there...


No Loafing
It's done that to me too except it was with a service pack 1 up date I think it was called 1.1 something update I can't remeber but I did what you did just block it and hide it. I got sick of every 2mins the damn thing popping up when it won't download since I already have SP2.


Turn off automatic updates. I've always done that, and I never get bothered by them. Just remember to manually check for updates every week or so.

That's just a driver update though, which is pointless; you either have broadband and don't use it, or it's already working fine. I wouldn't advise updating your drivers from Windows Update... ever. If you need a driver, check the manufacturer's site for the latest versions.


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M$ usually releases their new updates on Tuesdays for those of us that don't believe in auto-update.

Oddly enough, ALL of my XP systems at work want to download the Agere modem driver. Saddly, none of those same computers have a modem at all, not even an onboard that's been disabled. Hell, even my Dell PowerEdge 3250 Server wanted to download that driver.

Do like Jung said. Just turn off auto-updates. Then just manually pick the updates you wanna play with.