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After careful consideration by you, the member base, and Jason’s diligent scrutiny of the polling results, we have a winner.

Loved for the meticulous formatting, and descriptive, flowing perspective; the winning essay #3 Pulled in with a landslide 38.46% of the votes out of 8 contestants.

That winner is none other than our beloved Morelos. Congratulations Morelos! :woot:

morelos said:
What does my country mean to me?

DIVERSITY: Where in the world can you meet a person of every color, of every country, of every political perspective? Where can you go to meet people who speak myriad different languages, freely celebrate any religion, embrace one another's culture? Where can you learn so much about others and yet still remain connected with yourself? Where can you take differing views, from self-centric to family-centric to society-centric, and meet in public to peacibly discuss these views and mutually grow among people with whom you so strongly disagree? Where can you express your approval or disapproval of your government, your job, your boss, your circle of friends, your family, your place of worship?

You can do these things in my country.

GENEROSITY: What nation's taxpayers have created the largest wealth of humanitarian aid for every needy country on earth? Whose population has forgiven the most loans and dropped all its charges when the going got rough for another people? Whose brave soldiers and builders and engineers have always, INVARIABLY, stayed in the aftermath of war, of natural disaster, of epidemic, to help pick up and sort out the pieces?


BEAUTY: In what country lies every climatic type, from forests to wetlands to plains to fertile farmland? Where can you see majestic, snow-covered mountains, vast uninhabited desert, and a bustling cultural centre in the same day? Where can you visit a rain forest, an amusement park, a shopping mall, a monument to cultural heroism, and even frozen tundra? Where can you fall asleep outdoors on a summer evening with nothing covering you and not worry about rain or cold?

In my country.

RESILIENCE: Which country has fought off persecution, oppression, wars, civil rights crises, imbalances of power among minorities, and even attacks on its own soil? Where can you go to meet a country that has, in less than half a millennium, grown to economic super-power status, all from the stand point of "send us your poor, your weak, your sick?"

My country.

PERSEVERENCE: Where do you consistently meet people of all shapes and sizes who have an unending work ethic? Where can you witness patriotism gluing together people who have historically hated each other most in the world? Where else does an act of terror so rekindle the spirit of survival in a nation?

Nowhere else.

OPPORTUNITY: Where can you go to take a shot at becoming filthy rich? Where can a poor African tribesman send his children to become refined, educated, successful adults? Where do so many people converge from all the nations of the globe in seek of a better life?


FREEDOM: In no other nation will you find a place where you can be EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE and still be so loved and appreciated by all the people around you, despite any and every difference between people that you can possibly imagine.

There is no place that I would rather be.

To work, to visit, to liesure, to live; my country is the place I will always call "home."


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nice work next time that trophy is mine second is not good enuff for me i thirst for power


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Very nice job, congratulations morelos! I'll be in touch tomorrow with prize details.


Way to go morelos. I knew it must've been american because we don't have "filthy rich" canadians. They all flock to your country. ;)


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crazyshannon said:
...we don't have "filthy rich" canadians. They all flock to your country. ;)

I don't know which Canada you live in! There are plenty of 'filthy rich' Canadians. I'll be one of them someday.


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I already gave you my thoughts and feelings on everyone writting. But now seeing who wrote that it leads me to believe how hollow and empty those words are. I have no congratulations for you. It was well written thats about as far as it goes. You showed me your true colors of this nation once or twice.... and the thoughts of her soldiers.

With more Respect then what you earned,

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_Kitana_ said:
I have no congratulations for you. It was well written thats about as far as it goes. You showed me your true colors of this nation once or twice.... and the thoughts of her soldiers.
With more Respect then what you earned,

Anyone who doesn't think like you MUST be wrong, is that it?

You are a selfish child who can't see anything but your own "small" world view. You are just bitter, because you didn't win. Grow up. Pathetic.

Congrats Dan, Great job!


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with as much gratitude as can be expressed in black text on a white background, i want to say thank you to everyone who voted on this and especially to the coordinators and competitors. it was wonderful sharing my feelings and reading those of others.

jason - no major rush on prize details. while the prize was a motivator, the bigger motivator was knowing i could openly express my feelings (about something for which i DO have passionate feelings) and not necessarily have my name (and the accompanying stigma) attached to it.

thanks to everyone for putting the contest on. it was inspiring.

a special note to kitana:

i was pondering, during the contest, and after reading your post, PMing you to tell you how flattered i was -- no, how touched i was -- by your comment. it greatly saddens me to see that your comment about being "moved to tears" has suddenly disappeared now that you know who wrote it.

i'd like to ask you why that is? i believe in every single thing i wrote in my contest entry. every single one of them. it hurts me more than anything anyone here has said to read that you think my words are "hollow and empty," meaningless, if i may. my words do not come with no meaning; they come from the essence of what it is to be me.

kitana said:
You showed me your true colors of this nation once or twice.... and the thoughts of her soldiers.

my 'true colors' of this nation have nothing to do with the people running it today or how they are running it.

it seems you want to maintain an oversimplified view of the way america works. i have nothing but support of our soldiers everywhere. how i define support has nothing to do with getting enemy frags or overthrowing other countries' rulers. you have never once seen me express anything BUT support of our troops. spend as long as you want going over old forums; you won't find any because i never even implied it.

i think i summarized my feelings best when i said "i love the IDEA of america; it's the IMPLEMENTATION i hate."

and i think my contest entry did an absoltuely wonderful job of conveying a deeper understanding of my meaning. did i not discuss every bit of the idea of america? our freedom? our democracy? our diversity? our capacity for providing humanitarian aid at any and all cost?

i'm sorry you utterly refuse to bend your mind beyond your prejudice against me to see that when my 'true colors' don't match your (incorrect) preconception of what my true colors may be, your preconception may just be a prejudice.

anyway, i must repeat that i want to thank everyone who voted for me, even though i'm deeply hurt by kitana's attack on me. i will try to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she just refuses to open her mind to a more complicated point of view than those she expects others to take.

~ dan ~


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This really isn't an appropriate place to discuss this, so I recommend taking any *issues* with the winner elsewhere (if it hasn't already been). This is purely a thread to announce the winner and congratulate him. ;)

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