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Offbeat Woman Unwittingly Picks Up Escaped Convict, Buys Him Dinner

Lucky she got out ok.

Woman Unwittingly Picks Up Escaped Convict, Buys Him Dinner
(Stuart, Fla. -AP, May 11, 2005) — A Florida woman unwittingly drove a fugitive who escaped from a state prison work crew around town for three hours before safely making her way back home, officials said.

Worried relatives and detectives were waiting for Charlotte Yoder when she returned Tuesday. She had been with William Hawley, who had walked away from his road crew from a Martin Correctional Institution work camp and ditched his prison scrubs.

"She got a little weak in the knees when she realized what could have happened," sheriff's Sgt. John Silvas said. Yoder told Silvas that she never felt threatened by Hawley.

"He was very nice," Silvas said. "They talked about religion, family."

Hawley, 41, told Yoder that his wife or girlfriend was ready to deliver their baby, his car had broken down and he needed a cab. Yoder offered to drive him, taking Hawley to five medical centers in two counties.

She also gave him $20 for a meal at a fast-food restaurant in Port St. Lucie. He was last seen getting into a sport utility vehicle with two women. The career criminal was still missing early Wednesday.

Hawley was serving a 10-year term for a police chase and burglary, theft and cocaine charges.


Chaotic Neutral
"Lucky she got out ok"
Like all criminals are rapists or cold blooded killers.


Who's on a prison work squad?

Only inmates deemed minimum security are allowed on the crews outside a prison facility. Their security level depends not only on their crimes but on whether they have displayed any other security risks and other circumstances.


DUI/drug offenses



Worthless checks

Not Allowed

Sex offenses


Violent felon

Escape risk

SOURCE: The Florida Department of Corrections
He had three years left for his latest car theft conviction.


Chaotic Neutral
BrIONwoshMunky said:
Those poor innocent convicts. :confuse:
The woman said he was nice.. Clearly, all convicts aren't fucked up psychos. They put these in high security prisons anyways.
When's the movie coming out? The shit is perfect for HollyWood. It could be one of those horrors where it seems the womans head is on the verge of explosion due to high pitched music, then nothing happens.

Why do people make money off of movies like that? M. Night Shamylan anyone?