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~ Words you didn't know were words ~


Banned - What an Asshat!
Yay, an exciting new forum game.. Post words you didn't know were words until you heard them, read them etc.

And look up the definition

Fantabulous = Marvelously excellent
Azeri- /n./
1.One who acts such as an asshole, moronic jackass, sucks other people's dicks for a living, a waif.
2. Racist of the Armenian race (check out Armenians if u dont get what i mean) who's ass will get whipped if his disgusting face is shown in society.
3. A Rape-Me Machine that, obviously, gets raped and sodomized(and likes it).
4. A homosexual racist freak.


The Stranger Returns...
Lehabim= flames; inflamed; swords and swords, reminds me of the game i'm playing, Fable

btw..i checked that on


The Stranger Returns...
hehee..i'm bored

Main Entry: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Function: adjective
Definition: a nonsense word meaning fantastic; also called supercalifragilistic
Etymology: popularized by the movie 'Mary Poppins'

edit* surprisingly is not the longest word...there's a longer one for heart disease

edit* instead of triple posting


/kwer'tee/ adj. [from the keycaps at the upper left]
Pertaining to a standard English-language typewriter keyboard
(sometimes called the Sholes keyboard after its inventor), as
opposed to Dvorak or non-US-ASCII layouts or a space-cadet
keyboard or APL keyboard.

Historical note: The QWERTY layout is a fine example of a fossil.
It is sometimes said that it was designed to slow down the typist,
but this is wrong; it was designed to allow _faster_ typing --
under a constraint now long obsolete. In early typewriters, fast
typing using nearby type-bars jammed the mechanism. So Sholes
fiddled the layout to separate the letters of many common digraphs
(he did a far from perfect job, though; `th', `tr', `ed', and `er',
for example, each use two nearby keys). Also, putting the letters
of `typewriter' on one line allowed it to be typed with particular
speed and accuracy for demos. The jamming problem was essentially
solved soon afterward by a suitable use of springs, but the keyboard
layout lives on.