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work in the shitter....

yeah, at work today, went to clean the shitters, and saw that somehow, some dumbass broke the flushing handle off the toilet in the womens bathroom, and some amazing way it ended up in the damn toilet, to add, it was also pissed on by some lady who left all her piss and shti in the toilet without trying to figure out how to flush with out a damn handle...

it's not that fucking hard ladies, take the top off the toilet tank, and pull up on that fucking lever infront of your face...

then i was leaning down to pick up some toilet paper off the ground and saw the fucking flusher nob in the toilet, luckily it was to heavy ot go down the toilet after i flushed the womens left overs, so i had to get on a glove and use a fucking tongs to get it out of there and sanitze the shit out of it....

people, if the flusher nob ever breaks off, fucking fix it or tell someone who works there, instead of leaving someone to fish the fucking hting out....

thank you.
good bye
Hahaha, I have a few shit stories at work. The most recent one involved a guy who had leftovers as he was walking out of the bathroom that got stuck under the door with a berry trail going out the front door of the restaurant. I have seen the men's room toilet overflow out of the bathroom quite a ways...I have also pulled bloody paper towels out of the women's room toilet. My supervisor has the best story though...about five years ago, the septic tanks filled. Shit was coming out the toilet in the bathroom and it was all over the floor...he and someone else were attempting to put it in the sink to get it to go down. In the dishroom there was about an inch of shit water on the floor...they put down wooden planks to avoid having to step on it. That sounds like one nasty day.
haha, yeah, he definatly does got the best story, wow, working in a restaraunt fucking sucks...


Original Dicksman
At least they didn't give your toilet the upperdecker.


Oppressing your posts...
when i used to clean the toilets in the navy I saw some interesting stuff.. aside from the regular tp on the floor, piss on the seats, and one or two toilets covered in chunk from the alcaholics, you find some unusual things in the toilets...

floating in the bowl I've found a full roll of TP, a half eaten pear, a cupcake, a shaving razor, a t-shirt(apparently used as TP when thier was none), and an apple...
Hahaha wow dude those are some good stories...

About a month or so ago I went to clean a toilet in the bathroom and somehow, in some twisted way, the entire back of the toilet(on the upper portion of the inside of the bowl) was covered in shit. And this was no regular shit. It smelled like a foul burrito-cat vomit mix with a side of rotten crab. So after I cleaned that up, I lifted the seat and there was shit completely caked under there! It wouldn't come off either. I sprayed it with some stuff that would melt your skin and it wouldnt fucking budge. GAAAH:flamed:
that sounds like ti was pretty sick, if i were in that situation, thats where i say fuck it and just fucking leave, and give up on all hope of that thing ever being able to be cleaned again


howdy ya'lll
Holy SHIT man, i dont think i would have been able to pick that up and clean it ,even with marigold gloves on, fuckin nochance would i be cleanin that, id have tossed it in the bin, fukthatshit.
i agree, i would of just left that shit and walked out, leave it for fucking someone else ot deal with


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Darklight has a point about cleaning toilets in the navy, but nothing compairs to something I saw at my first job. The shitter was filled with used syringes. About 15, and the ones that were in the water, were bleeding.

We knew who did it too, he OD'd before he got outa the store.

^why I never used drugs.


Powdered Toast Man
Retail stores have it bad too. There is a "regular" person that comes into the store. He's a big guy, but everytime he comes in, he goes and takes these large, stinky, messy dumps that mess up our bathroom. The store has started calling him "poo boy" and everytime we see him walk into the store, we put up a "Closed. Sorry for the inconvienience sign" on the washroom. It's pretty funny IMO, but I am sorta starting to feel bad for the kid.


ive accidentally flushed the handle. but mine was plastic and when down.
i was so pissed cuz i couldnt get it back.
toilet handles should be better built dammit! :)