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Work rant :)


First of all, let me say that most of my bitching will be based on where I work. I work at an Albertsons Gas Station, in a mini-mart. The first of my rants will be based on tobacco. Now, I do enjoy the occasional cigar, but throughout my life, I have looked upon smoking cigarettes as a disgusting, low class habit. While working there, and being around them all day, smelling the different flavored tobaccos (menthol cigarettes and chewing tobacco) I feel this urge to buy them. Alot of this is also because I sell about 8 cartons of Malboro reds and 4 cartons on lights, and it pisses me off. Its like, peer pressure by association. And, on the topic of cigarettes, I still have two more bitches. First, I'm tired of people who like really odd, non-name brand cigarettes, and get all butt-hurt when we don't have them. Like "Do you have Muhab Mubootoo Menthal Lights?" ......".....Ummm......noo....." followed by them responding "OH MY GOD, WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?!?!" followed by me "Its a place to buy shit and go home." If you like some odd brand of cigarettes, when you find a place that carries them, GO THERE. And if they closed before you got there, tough shit. Take your nicotine withdraw caused anger somewhere else, cause when I get mad, I get stabby! Second, stupid little kids.... if you aren't 18, get a fake ID, cause I'm not going to fall for some stupid "I left my ID at home, I'll bring it by later" or "Come on man, I wont tell anyone." I mean, come on. Who hasn't used that line before? Shit, its not like I'm going to risk a $1800 fine because you want to buy cigarettes. I mean, for attempting to buy them without atleast a fake ID, and putting me at risk for a bankrupting fine, I should get to bring you back out behind the building and get to beat you half to death with a sack full of oranges. Anyway, thats rant number one. Just wait till number two or three.


Domesticated Savage
I work in a gas station myself and no exactly what your saying. I recently just had some asshole decide every fuckup in his life was my fault because I didn't sell him a brand of cigs that we don't even carry. The sad thing is this piece of shit actually believes its my fault. I guess thats where consider the source comes in. Its like shopping just leeches all intelligence out of a person. Thats why I'm glad to be setting up things to go back to school. I just don't want to be the world's piss jar anymore. Anyway good luck man. And if all else fails just watch Clerks for a laugh or two.


Sigh. I feel your pain. I too have a wonderful job working with the public. :rolleyes:

I never realized how truly stupid people can be until I got this job. It blows my mind that some people can actually be that fucking dumb. It's like they think we're robots-- no life, no family, no friends, no priorities, no responsibilities. As if we never leave work. Apparently not only do we live at our place of employment, but we also work alone. Every duty, every policy, and every obligation is ours. No one else makes any of the decisions. Everything is our fault. PFFT

I'm at a point where I don't really care anymore. If they're rude, I'm rude right back. I'm sick of being treated like shit because I do my fucking job. They can all blow me. :mfinger:


Fuck me in the gotaz.
i used to work at kfc and used to get dumbshits coming in and ordering a catering order of 140 pieces (your meant to call and give one day notice), Then when you decide to actually be nice about it and do it for them they expect it to be ready on the dot.Then i would get complaints " can i have the number for customers service and can i get your name " its like " fuck you. what are you gonna do get me fired for being nice to you? ".


working with the public is tough and quite annoying..

we have many instances that a potential customer has bad credit (or in most cases, extremely poor credit), and they have to pay a $200. Some people pay. most times, we hear "thats bull shit bruh man y i gotta pay a deposit fo a damn cell phone, i cant afford dat shit".. it's hard to say "your credit sucks" in a nice way. while it'd be simple to recommend "paying your bills, quit maxing out your credit card, quit blowing your money on drugs, etc.", we simply say "visit a creditor and have a look at your score. come back when you feel you are ready to open an account."


Flame Bait
I'm a mechanic for Sears Auto Center, so I don't REALLY deal with the customer, but I can tell you that customers can fuck with you through sheer osmosis. Just them watching you work thru a Plate-glass window makes you want to kill thier family in front of them before you anally rape them with a pick-axe. ANY JOB where a customer is involved at least to the 3rd degree will suck the life out of you and make you wish for a mercyful death at the hands of a steamroller.... ok, I'm done.:gun: :p


I work at Harris Teeter, and every once in a while we get a fuckin moron who puts a sack of oranges in one cart, and a carton of eggs in the top basket of another. Why don't you just put them in the SAME CART?!!? Jesus Christ now I have to lug them back to the corral and get yelled at on the way back for "not doing anytyhing productive." Save both me and you some work asshole:mfinger:

ok im done :) good thread, id say :thumbsup: