Working on a New Story


Angel of Death
Here a bit of my thought process for now.

Summer’s End

Character Development

Name: Charlie
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Features: Very tall with long brownish hair and bright eyes. She is very beautiful with lots of Attitude.
Car: 1998 Orange Mustang
Car‘s Nickname: Charlie Dick Sucker
Graphics: Single Black Racing strip up the middle of the car

Name: David
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Features: Tall with a very muscular build and taned skinned. His hair is a sweepy, midnight black with dark eyes to match and a Cocky attitude.
Car: 1989 Red Dodge Daytona,
Car‘s Nickname: The Bitch
Graphics: Checker Flag Ribbons.

Name: Emma
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Features: She is a very small and about medium height. She has short Red hair with blonde streaks and a Very Fiery Attitude and with a big Mouth.
Car: 71 Black Pontiac Firebird. .
Car’s Nickname: The Phoenix
Graphics: Detailed Firebird on the hood

Name: Zebulion
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Features: He is about average Build with bluish gray eyes. Has very neat, short, black hair with blone highlights. He is never seen with out sunglasses and is a bit of a preppy nerd.
Car: 1998 Blue Honda Civic
Car’s Nickname: Aika
Graphics: Silver Dragon Running up Either sides.

Name: Mark
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Features: A little more on the heavy side but also tall. He has bleach spicky, blonde hair and a goatee with dark green eyes. He has a somewhat mild attitude with a more mature out look.
Car: 1996 Silver Mitsubishi Eclipse
Car Nickname: Misty
Graphics: Simple Black and Red Racing stripes, killer sound system.

Name: Tiff
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Features: She is a bit on the heavy side and about average height.She has medium lenght blonde hair with hazel eyes and fair skin. Kind of Quite and laid back, but doesn't take shit from anyone.
Car: 1966 Purple Chevy EL Camino
Car's Nickname: Camille or Camy
Graphics: None

Name: Angeni
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Features: She has red and black hair with bright, blue eyes. He skin is of a more natural dark color. She is very spiritual but also has a lot of attitude.She is also Native American.
Car: 1986 White/Red Chevy Camaro
Car’s Nickname: Spirit Angel
Graphics: An Angel Adorns the back window and custom rims

Name: Derik
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Features: Somewhat stocky guy with black hair and brown eyes. A bit of a joker.
Car: 1971 Green Chevy Nova
Car’s nickname: Trickster
Graphics: None