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Headlines World 'wants Kerry as president'


World wants Kerry

Norway: 74%-7%
Germany: 74%-10%
France: 64%-5%
Italy: 58%-14%
Spain: 45%-7%
UK: 47%-16%
Canada: 61%-16%
Mexico: 38%-18%
Brazil: 57%-14%
China: 52%-12%
Japan: 43%-32%
Indonesia: 57%-34%
India: 34%-33%

Philippines: 32%-57%
Nigeria: 33%-27%
Poland: 26%-31%
Thailand: 30%-33%

Source: GlobeScan Inc/University of Maryland PIPA

This doesn't surprise me at all, especially since Bush has lowered the level of respect for the United States in many parts of the world.


I really did.
If only the world could vote.. Or could oust foriegn leaders they didn't like, you know, like America!


Buster of Asses
John Kerry is a dumbass. Unfortunately, it appears that he is one of the two shitty choices people are considering this year, rather than possibly giving that alternative a chance.


John Kerry, aka Mr. Droopy face, should kick his own ass and get the fuck out of the race. GW should pull out his 6 shooter and put 1 in his own head too bad he would do so while looking at a mirror. Fuck'em both. One's a cowardly son of a bitch, and the other is a fucking liar. You can attach the latter to whichever candidate you choose.


I really did.
I think people are paying too much attention to the propaganda and mudslinging. I don't know where you get coward from, I actually haven't read anything about it and would like to be informed. He fought in the war, but when he came out he hated it. Does that make him a coward. I don't think he's a good choice for the democratic side, and I am not too crazy with him, but I'd rather have Kerry than Bush. I know what Bush has done, and I know what Bush hasn't done that I would like to be done. If you can see a path one is currently paving, isn't it safe to assume (allowing that there be some sort of pattern) that you know where they are going? Seems to me we know what direction Bush's path is going.


I really did.
r4ck3r said:
I hear people bitching about Bush all the time but they know as well as I do that Dole couldn't have done a better job.

As for the world poles I have an update

Kerry Bush
Iraq: 75% - 25%
Afghanistan: 100% - 0%
N. Korea: 100% - 0%

I found this image in the gallery
Where does Dole come into the picture??? Are you talking about Gore? That might be so, but I asked the owl; The world will never know.


You're my number two
Pachyderm said:
If only the world could vote.. Or could oust foriegn leaders they didn't like, you know, like America!
I don't like bush any more than you do. But if the choice was to have him as Prez, or letting Non-US citizens, or a foreign power aid in the voting process for the leader of My country..........................well let's just say; they'd have to pry the voting machine handle out of my cold dead hand. (And I promise they would take casualties). :gun:


You're my number two
voiceofreason said:
Me thinks Max is one of them funny boys, he MAY have been joking...
Max may have used harsh language to geht a point across. But I'm not by any means joking.
Where I can't fathom another foru years of living under the current emperor, I'll be damned if any foreign power will decide who will lead my country. That being the case, why don't we just turn this country back over to the Brittish and forsake everything that our forefathers died for.

Our Bill of Rights states;"The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." I don't see anything about "And when things get tough, let the world decide."


Well... As a European I can't say I like Kerry.
But ANY candidate would be better than Bush.

Bush is a tactical nitwit.
He has done several things that really are not very smart.
And I am only talking of his fooling around in Europe.

The moment he liked to say, that Turkey had to become member of the EU for instance.

It had about the same stupidity impact as when General De Gaulle pronounced his... "Vive le Quebec libre" in support of the French talking Canadians.