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I just found out my youngest nephew has a hole in his heart. My sister-in-law took him for his first check-up the other day (he's only two weeks old). The doctor told her about it, and gave her the name of a cardiologist. From the way the situation was described to me, it more than likely isn't a big deal. (I know there's a name for it, but I can't remember it at the moment.) Apparently it isn't uncommon for babies to be born with holes in their hearts, and they usually "fill up" (or whatever you want to call it) within a couple days. But he's two weeks old, so I'm kind of worried. :(

Does anyone know anything more about this sort of thing? Is he going to be okay?
As long as he doesn't strain himself he should be okay. From what I've heard about that disorder it's heart strain that kills in most of the cases.

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Dw hes in good hands and yes its quite common :)


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One type is called "congenital Septal Defect," but i think this is only one form of it. For a reference, my grand father has it and he was in the army, and he ran the pt edu training!!! It all realy depends on where it is. There is a lot of treatments out now for it, and i dont think it will close on its own, but im sure its nothing to worry about. btw my grandfather never had anything done to his. He still has the hole there. The most common problem is a murmur or the like.