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Wow...Today started off pretty shitty...


I am sexy...Oh yea...
You know how you can tell it's going to be one of those days? Well, one bad thing followed another and another this morning.

First, while trying to draw out some money at the ATM, I noticed I didn't have my ATM Card. I looked everywhere for it and can't find it. There was about $8000 in that card. I already called the bank and stuff.

Next, my roommate was messin around under the sink in our dorm and breaks whatever was down there. Water came pouring out. Soaking everything in our dorm.

Later, I went to go do my laundry, everthing was taken. Except one. So I put my white clothes in first. When they finished, I pulled them out. They all had a tint of blue. Some asshat left a dark blue sock inside the washing machine.

My RebelCard, school i.d. with a money account on it, snaps off around the edge when trying to slide it so the dryer can start. The place to get a new card is closed on the weekends, so know I have wet clothes and nothing to wear until monday. I could go down to the Target, but I don't have an ATM.

My mom called this morning. The neighbor got drunk at a bar and parked his car into mine.

This all happened between 7 am - 12 pm.
Try wakeing up in the middle of your room on your bed and notheing else in the fucking house. this happend to me bout 3 years ago when my roommate and some crankster decided to loot the fuck out of my house and my room. then my brand new car got totaled by some cock smoker hit and run. this all happening my Girl friend left me and my whole family had just moved out of state the week before
Wow, I thought I was really unlucky breaking my leg three times in six months, but damn. Life likes to shit on you. That is just pure t3h sux0rz. I say you hunt down this 'Life' person and kidnapp them for randsome. And rape.