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Writers Block Contest

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Banned - What an Asshat!
There is a contest that for two weeks. It starts today, Oct. 21st, and ends on Nov. 4th. There will be a prize. You will have three judges, myself, taylor blade and a public vote. The prize is yet to be determined, but it will be a good, happy prize. We have not decided what the prize will be, but it will be goo-ood. And, you get bragging rights.

The Rules:
No cursing without reason. Fuck fuck fuck will not get you to win.
No critiquing or replies allowed per poem. Post it in this thread, but any replies to any poem will be removed. Take your time before you post it here. You may post it in the general writers block first before you submit here. There is only one submission per person allowed. If you edit or change your submission, it will be removed from the contest. Taylor and myself may add/change rules as necessary.
You will be judged on language, grammar, flow, word usage and poetical content, rhyme scheme. You will also be judged on theme and content.

This is how you will be judged by taylor and I, excluding Public Vote:

Judges Page:
Maximum of 100 points available

Theme: 20 Points
Content: 20 Points
Originality: 20 Points
Word Flow: 10 Points
Grammar: 10 Points
Word Usage: 10 Points
Rhyme Scheme: 10 Points

The Contest:

Your theme: Halloween, or a variation of monstrous evils, hell, ect.

Poetry: Structured Rhyme (NOT PROSE)
Not open for further replies.