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Wrongfully Accused.


Well this night WAS going well. Until certain shit fucked up. Here goes.

Normal night all going nice and fun. I was at my mates house listening to music (7pm) when i got hungry. I rode my bike to the KFC and got food. I then rode to my mums house past a large house with very expensive cars that they own (the house later mentioned) at around 7:30pm. I ate the food at my mums house, and watched tv with her till about 10:20pm. At that time my friend james calls me and says to come up for a bit (he lives up the road near the house with the expensive cars). I go out the front james is there and tried to scare me but didnt work. So me him and my brother are out the front talking and fucking around until a large v8 car drives down the street with its high beams on and does a U-turn next to us. It was a young bloke that james knew at that house and he called james over. He told us about how his house and cars just got egged and hes wondering if we had seen anyone come down this way to which we replied no. So we (me and james) rode up to his house and asked what happened. The young dudes brothers told us what had happened and we offered to ride around and see if we can find any people about. We went all around the area on bikes looking for people and after went back to their house to say that we couldnt find anyone. They said thanks for the help and we went back next to james's house and started talking about all our old memories and shit and about our motorbikes etc. Then 3 of the guys came up to us at around about 11:40pm and said to us they had a video of who did it and wanted us to come see if we knew who they were. We went back to their place where one of the brothers (friend of james) said it was james and 2 others who did it. WTF. He was with me for a good 30 -40 minutes before it happened. He kept accusing and saying they had it on high definition video etc etc. We kept telling them it wasnt us and if we can see the video, but they said not until tomorrow arvo when they can properly view it. Everything went well though, like none of them touched us and i knew a few of his friends that were there, but still to accuse us of some shit like that? Come on. This went on for an hour or so. Me and james are heading back there tomorrow to continue this shit and get it sorted out, because we have nothing to hide. If they still are bent on thinking it was us, then i'm gunna take it a lot further. If they make threats of any kind, then i'll use every option i have. If they have no proof such as not having that video they so called had, i'll get the cunts for slander.

Fuck this shit and this pathetically fucked up night.
I'm going to sleep.
Have a nice fucking night.


How am I still alive
poor you, it's really annoying when that kind of stuff happends (nothing that serious(sp?) has happend to me but..)
but...I hug maybe helps? :hug2:


Trance Addict
Stardust, you can "hug" me whenever you want. :naughty:

Damn, Dragonfly...dunno what to tell you dude. If it wasn't you they can't prove anything. Just be the bigger man and don't flip out at them. I wouldn't try to get them for slander unless they make it a legal issue. Otherwise just don't talk to them from now on. That's pretty gay to accuse them without even showing you the video.