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Some time ago we held a little contest round these parts in which we named our first ever poet laureate Aliensavant. Now for the first time WTF has an official poem. Please join me in congratulating Aliensavant for his work.

I can’t write anything I can’t see myself saying.
But I can write a lot more than I can say,
When I can step back from a situation,
Gather up the information,
Gauge reaction and explanation,

I see inescapable revelation:
People say a lot but mean little,
I mean, what they say
Has little to do with meaning.
Speaking is tiring when everyone
Arguing is admiring that little gem
They've been siring from some whore
In TV or blogs or social swamp muck.

If you are like me, don’t tell me,
I’ll only get confused. But,
If you are, when you see a site
Asking that question on my mind each night
(not what’s wrong or right)
then, like me, you might stop in
and meet people who say what they mean,
what they meant to say, and what they would
if they had a chance to write it
first and rest easier exercising
their constant need to ask, ”What the fuck?..”


The slow blade penetrates the shield.
Nice job, Alien! The title couldn't have gone to a more deserving wordsmith.

I love the poem. It's better that we deserve.


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Very nice work here! Congratulations on an excellent original!


Banned - What an Asshat!
growing old
what now, do you still want your past
and how would you, if I may ask,
still believe then those lies of innocence
now dispelled through your own experience
delicately masked not to betray your age
so do you still wish to turn back this page,
and are you really so shallow and cheap
that some youthful need is all you seek,
amongst the blind who now share this pain
and as if the past could be relived again
while forgetting that old age has a goal
to seek within to find one's soul
and if not a “soul” a simpler wealth
to reach within to find “oneself”


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