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Wtf does that mean

Started to hang out alittle with one girl in school. As time progressed i noticed that i like her so i told her. Her answer was alittle weird, well there was no asnwer besides that she said she doesnt know me well and cant return the same. Anyway i pressed on talking to her more calling her ocasionaly for her to get to know me better but that doesnt lead me newhere. Its also hard because her parents are fucking nuts and arent leting her out newhere, i cant go newhere with her and cant see her newhere besdies school. We enjoy talking to each other, theres also alittle flirting on her side but its been like that for months now and im not geting anywhere with that girl. I asked when she is going to be free and she said something February 6th so i asked her to call me, but now im complitely out of patience and startinging to get anxious. Maybe she doesnt want anything else besides talking to me. I mean it shouldnt take that long to find out either ill work or not, not 4 months.... What should i do, forget about her, keep talking to her while looking for another girl (its hard to find a girl that i would like btw, theres been only 2 that i liked) or just keep talking and waiting, or get risky and make an attempt to get closer :cool: ?


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You might want to just chill out, 4 months isn't that long when you consider that you have the rest of your life

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get risky man. You only live once, might as well make every day count, huh?


Forget about her and sleep with her friend. :thumbsup:


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rickie said:
You might want to just chill out, 4 months isn't that long when you consider that you have the rest of your life
Are you legally retarded? Feb 6th is in like 2weeks, if that.
Not 4months.

And I say.. Keep talking with her, keep her interested in you, wait until shes 'free' then you'll be able to go for it..