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WTF! I can't draw guns!

Should weapons drawings be allowed?

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One of my favorite hobbies is drawing firearms. All kinds. From bolt-actions to shotguns to revolvers to assault rifles to rocket launchers to muskets. Even knives, grenades, anything you could find in a war or a hunter's shed.

I go to a school. Mascot is panther.

Apparently, I cannot draw guns, or they will STEAL the drawing and take it to the "office". I will also get a "warning" for "threatening" my peers.


ok. Let's start from 1.

1. The mascot is a panther. I am allowed to draw panthers?? Which is more dangerous sitting on a table: a rifle or an angry panther. "But guns were invented to kill! " What the actual fuck do you think a panther's pounce, claws, teeth, night vision are all used for? Why do you think medieval knights had birds of prey and lions and bears painted on their shields instead of crossbows and swords? Because they're cute???

2. How the fuck is a paper and pencil gun going to hurt somebody? Do I have to not draw the magazine? Draw it with the safety on? Oh wait... am I the only one who knows what those are.

3. If I am the only one sitting at my table, shielding my drawing with my arm, who is being "threatened" anyway...

Also, I drew a hatchet. And apparently that isn't allowed either because it's a weapon.


Ok so if I drew a mailbox I wouldn't be penalized. Why? Because it's not a weapon? Well then what if I ripped it out of the ground and beat someone with it. What then?

What do you guys think? Should guns and axes be allowed? Who else likes to draw guns?

EDIT: oops I don't think I was supposed to post here... well I will leave it and see what happens...


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"He said, one part of me wants to buy her nice things, take her out and treat her right. But the other, haha well the other half wants to know what her head would look like on a stick!"

Thin, thin line pal.

Just move to Australia, we have no freedom left because they took all our guns away because we started shooting each other, now we're sad oppressed people with nothing to live for, except we're all alive because morons like you don't have guns.
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Well that really is shit, the kid wants to draw guns and the man won't let him, why because it's offensive to some people, it's no different than the covering of nude statues in Italy and indicative of modern political correctness that plagues the U.S and Europe and personally I'd prefer he draw firearms than shoot them at people.
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If you're from the USA it kind of makes sense given that from time to time some fucktard decides it's a good idea to kill his whole fucking school over there (and actually tries to do so).

If you're living anywhere else it's as stupid as it gets, it's part of this whole "Don't offend meee" thing of this time that fucking sucks.

Are your drawings good?


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That was Joe's first confrontation with The Law.
Naturally, we were easy on him.
One of our friendly counselors gave him
A do-nut...and told him to
Stick closer to church-oriented social activities.
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Why don't you just draw guns on your free time, and draw other things when you're at school? WTF are you even doing drawing? Shouldn't you be learning things?

P.S. I don't think this one is coming back either.


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Maybe we've been too harsh with babycakes noodlenose, and he got terribly butthurt.
C'mon sweetie, show us your drawings so we can tell if they're not allowing you to draw because of weapons or because you suck.
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