WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Wtf??! I said DON'T READ that!


Ok, I wrote an essay about thanksgiving for my college English class and my mom told my Jaja (grandpa) and yeah. So everyone else got a hold of it too. Well, I told my mom to tell Jaja that he could only have a copy if it didn't get read at Thanksgiving. So today at the end of supper what does he pull out? My essay! I got so angry that I got up from the table and left. I was like, HOW COULD HE??! I was so pissed. I don't care if he likes my writing, I don't like to share it cuz I don't like to hear that I did a good job. (Cuz I am a pretty good writer.) I hate being praised for it cuz then everyone is like, drop what u wanna do for a major and become a writer. :rolleyes: It's like, if I wanted to be a writer, I would be. But I don't want to be. So just leave it go! Grrrrr! I just..... *breathes* k. It just irks me. It's like, I told u not to do it and u did it anyway. Where do u get off? And it's not like i could confront him cuz he's my jaja. Grrr.....


I feel for ya. It's better that he's proud of you in front of everyone, than calling you an idiot while alone with you though.


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Ya, i know, something very similar happened to me bout 15 yrs ago......but i aggree with brainwashmonkey that its better that he is proud. ;)


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just outta curiosity... how do you pronounce "Jaja" is it like "Yaya" or like that Star Wars character "Jar-Jar"? (I think that was his name)...

my Grandfather constantly embarrased me when I was in HS... but it was through nothing but love and support... he was my biggest fan at all of my sporting events... kept all of my stats... and went outta his way to brag about me every chance he got... embarrasing then... but I didn't wanna hurt him by telling him that.. cause he was just proud of me...
He just wanted to share with everyone how talented you are... just tell them that writers have day-jobs..