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Baba Yaga
Some of the recent issues confronting us lately has made me think. I’ve seen some things that members say with regard to the mannerisms, foods, attitudes, likes, dislikes, etc. of other members nations of citizenship. I know we’ve all done that to some extent, at some point, myself included.
One thing I think is at fault is the media. We, in our respective countries, see, hear, and read so much, but is it all true? Are there common misconceptions that we may all have about one another? I know for sure we do.

What I decided to do is formulate a project that will maybe open our eyes and bring back some accord to I have spoken to the Admins of, who liked the idea so much, they one upped me by adding prizes. Yes! Loot, booty, stuff, material goods, wondrous, magnificent things!!! Jason will let you all in on what those prizes are, but I can tell you they’re good!

My hope is that anyone who does not win a material prize comes away with something more important. Which is really what this whole thing is about. Then perhaps we can all go back to calling each other homos n00b geeks. :)

This is how the contest works.
Each member will submit to me (MaxPower) a Private Message. This message will contain, in your words, what your nation means to you. After the deadline for submissions, the actual contest will be held in the “Writers Block Section”.
Talk about how it is to be You, in the country where you live, Your national pride! I’m really looking for positive things here, like you’re trying to convince me to move to your country! Like you are the Minister of Tourism for your country! Be positive but realistic, no Dr. Seuss, please. :) Oh….and….Prizes.

You all will be the judge. All of the posts that you send me will be assigned a number, member names will not be divulged. I will compile all of the posts into one large post.
Members will read, and judge all the posts. You will vote by Poll for the number that corresponds to the post that you think should win. Now here’s the important, and difficult part. Try your best to judge solely on how well that person described their country to you. How well they made you visualize What it might be like to be them….there. In other words if you realize that someone is talking about your country; don’t vote for it just because it’s your country. Also, If you somehow figure out who someone is, please do not let that determine your vote. As far as that stuff goes, It’s the honor system.
Remember, the writer of each entry will be kept confidential. I will be the only one who knows until the contest is over, who wrote each post. All the rules were arrived at in the interest of fairness. (so you can win prizes)

The Ten WTF Commandments (rules)

1. Member screen names will not be known until the end. I will take each members post and assign it a number. Each post will only be referred to by it's number, until contest end, and winners are drawn. Do not use your name in the body of the post.

2. Do not use the name of your country or drop blatant hints. Talking about things unique to your country or landmarks is ok, we just don’t want anyone to purposely give away their country of origin.

3. MaxPower will not be eligible to win, nor will he participate in choosing winners; although after prizes are drawn he may submit a post during the discussion phase.

4. MaxPower will be the only one who knows which post belongs to which member.

5. There will be no flaming of other members or their nation of residence. All submissions must be solely about your own country.

6. Please, speak your heart, but try to keep the posts to a manageable length.

7. You may not vote for your own post. Admin is will know after the contest who voted for which post.

8. Remember, PM me, not the Admins.

9. Entries must be submitted by Friday July 16 2004, 24:01:00 (12:01 midnight) Eastern Standard Time. At which time The Judging will begin.
Judging will end and the polls will be closed Monday July 19 2004, 24:01:00 Eastern Standard Time. (my idea, my time zone :p )

10. Members not following these guidelines, risk disqualification.

A huge thank You to the Mods and Admin of for their help and input.

Please, a reminder. PM me your posts, not the Admins, and do not respond Here to this post.

Good Luck, and relevant omnipotent deity or guiding force – speed.


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
The Prize

A $100 gift certificate provided by goes to the top pick!

Good luck!
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