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Headlines WTF? PHISH brokeup?

Fuckin A, enough of the oil crisis, enough about the sorry excuse for a war in Iraq, and enough about Bush being a total fucktard and possibly leading us into World War III and ultimitaly the end of all mankind, lets focus on whats really important, one of the greates bands ever to grace the Earth publically announced their retirement.

Today on was a new post saying how the members of the band felt like it ws their time to stop before they faded out and became a "nostalgia act" Wtf? :mad: F that i say. Just as they were comming out with some of their best stuff yet they pull the plug.

heres the post.....

Today is a sad day for all mankind..... :(
WTF? phish was still together as of this morning? i thought they all OD'd or something years ago


gumercules said:
WTF? phish was still together as of this morning? i thought they all OD'd or something years ago
who is phish


Buster of Asses
youknowthedeal said:
who is phish
The neo-hippies who wear dresses and jump around on trampolines while on stage. They like ganja, but only for medicinal purposes...

Nifty music, though. Definitely different. Their guitarist can really wail when he wants to.
Phish blows...but they were on the best Simpsons episode ever, weekend at Bernsie's.
"who's phish?"

nobody really, except Rolling Stones named them the most important band of the 90's. Phish has the highest current grossing tour of any band or musician, and the highest attendence records of any tour in the world right now, and for the last 20 years.

and "phish blows" well your entitled to your opinion, but really, your opinion sucks. Name a better living guitarist then Trey Anastasio, could't find one? No wonder because he is the best out there. And nobody, living or dead, is a better rock keyboardist then Page McConnel. And i emphasize "rock" Anybody with any knowledge of music, even if they didnt like Phish, wouldnt say they "blow", which leads me to the conclusion that Sober Tool knows nothing about music.