WTF Poll Tampering - A Clarification


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
A couple of people brought to my attention that they thought the poll results were skewed in some way. I assure you we are doing the best we can to prevent this and have been keeping close eye on the voting to keep it as accurate as possible. While we've toyed with a few users before who have proved to be a pain in the ass at times for fun (such as for_starters = for_farters search/replace, editing 1-2 of the 3 stooges' repetitious polls, and giving them funny avatars) we do not tamper with anything we run in an official capacity I assure you. A pox on all of you who thought such a thing!

The poll was automatically closed Sunday. I was out of state for several days (until late Sunday night) so I couldn't announce the winner on Sunday so I was going to do it today...

We're waiting on one more staff vote, and one more stooges `tie-breaker vote' (which I'll explain later should it get to that point).

We had to also go through a time consuming process of removing quite a few 'double votes' for a few people who really wanted a particular person to lose, and I actually have 3 more accounts to verify for fairness. So the total votes for each person has adjusted accordingly, and there might even be an additional adjustment made tonight (I'm still dealing with the idiot who was having fun with his proxy last weekend, you know who you are).

The winner (or should we say loser?) will be announced tonight or tomorrow morning once everything has been completed. Then we'll be moving onto the next phase.