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Philosophy Nazi
all right here goes.

Last Wendsday, i get home from school, my mom tells me i missed a call. I was like "oh? who?" "jessica" she says. Jessica is my ex, i was with her almost 2 whole freaking years when she broke up with me over the stupidest thing ever...that reason is i wouldnt put out...lame huh? anyways i decide not to call her back. i go over to my friend kyles that night to hang out and junk, i tell him about the call.

Kyle being as bright as he is, is like "oh you should call her just in case its important, icks up the phone dials the number throws it to me, and gets on the other phone, she picked up.

Turns out she wanted to talk, wanted to know if she could go over there or if we could go over there, kyle again smmart as he is says "sure, you and your friends can come over here." i give him this look like

anyways she shows up, friends and all, Kyle takes off to go talk to her friends, Jessica and I are alone for the first time since we broke up.

She begins to talk, telling me all this stuff that i hardly beleive, "how she feels more comfortable with me than anyone shes ever been with" and that "we should get back together."

when she finishes i sit there thinking...shes got to be kidding me, she leans over and kisses me, then grabs/rubs...that certain part haha.

I push her off when i realize whats happening simply said no.

she gave me this disapointed/hurt look, went off to find her friends, and left.

so nowi feel like a bit of an ass, but justified at the same time. i jsut don't know what to do with this whole event. :banghead:


Banned - What an Asshat!
i'm missing something..
you lose a girlfriend you dated for two years beacause you won't 'put out'..
she comes by to talk, comes on to you and you push her away..
now you're pissed..


seems you're getting what you want, either that or you're denying yourself what you want.. just make your mind up..

why didn't you fuck her? in those two years i mean..


Philosophy Nazi
I'm not really pissed, just confused, i don't get her, before this i don't think i talked to her since the day we broke up. she's something else, shes the first girl i ever said i love you to, but i think im mostly over her, im confused b/c i never thought she would break up wiht me like we did, now she wants me back. liek i said i'm just not really sure what to do about the whole thing...

and the fucking thing during the relationship...we did... once. i regreted it and after that it's not that the body wasn't willing...the mind wasn't able, it just didn't feel right...and generally 99% of the time if something doesnt feel right. its not. and thats about it. lame huh?

and i think i pushed her away this time, because im sorta involved with someone else...but sorta's hard to explain.


I'm just really nice.
Well, shit, dude, if you're not so worried about your virginity get back in there and learn the ropes! The first time is awkward for everyone.
Farceur said:
when she finishes i sit there thinking...shes got to be kidding me, she leans over and kisses me, then grabs/rubs...that certain part haha.

I push her off


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Hey, if you don't wanna poke her don't. Your life, your body and your right.

So good for you for standing up for your morals or ethics or whatever.

As far as what to think of the whole thing it's pretty clear. Read your post. You explained a pretty straight forward situation. She wanted sex, you didn't. She ended it, she regrets it and wants to get back together but the core problem still exists. She still wants the sex.

I guess the real curiosity thing here is do you not want sex with her, with women or just in general?
take it slow let her watch you masterbate and then let her help then let her do more. just tell her it isn't going any further up front. that way she can expect to get some or not. also make sure she hasn't been sleeping around and might give you something!

this is only if you want to get back with her though.


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
latinmaxima nooo...girls don't watch when boys masturbate?

and Farceur I'm kind of proud of you that you could turn her down although your history together and all.

if he doesnt wanna have sex then he doesnt need to..girls can masturbate too :happysad: no but seriously..If you want to have sex but youre not comfortable with it..then with a girl you like..lie(sp??) naked in bed both under the cover..then just draw your fingers over each other bodies..kiss each others bodies..then after a while you will feel comfortable (maybe horny too).
It's kind of the don't seee just touch method :happysad:
Farceur, as has been said before you did the right thing. It sounds to me like she still wants sex from you and thought the way to get it would be to act like she didn't want it, that she just wanted you back because she feels comfortable with you. It's good that you didn't fall for that mind game. Let her bitchass go, and find someone who's agrees with your beliefs.


The hate still Shapes me
CannibaL said:
Are You A Fucking Homo???!!!!come On Man..............rejecting An Ex Is A Sin!!!!!!
This would have been good advice until my friend slept with his ex and got her pregnant, talk about a fucked up situation. Anyway didn't you watch the family guy movie, in, out, in, out then practice with the cheese. People aren't taking virginity very serious these days. I m glad you have morals, but sometimes you need to get it while it's there b/c there's a time when you will regret it. For some reasons the happist guys I see are the assholes who don't give a shit. Maybe the nice guys will be better off later but who knows. Anway if you love her then talk to her, if your sacred about sex let her start with the hand move to the mouth, did it to my ex drove her fucking crazy and I wasn't even a virgin, I just wanted her to wait. Get comfortable with her. Oh yeah breaking up over some sex thing is stupid. Try to find real reasons to be with her or not.