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Angel of Death


so sick of it, I redid jesse computer room for him...took out all my stuffies... and Cries....

I worked the last 3 days on it, I built 2 shelves, a desk, a chair... an endtable...

put together a confusing as hell lamp and hung a curtain rod

now the rest of my house in in massive chaos. cause I had to take apart a crappy old white shelf, take a double size bed out of here, a peice of crap broken desk... and a whole bunch of YUNK!

but anyways

*adds a few pink flowers.... maybe a nice rosey colored rug here... ohhhhhhh how about an off white color for the walls and hangs some pretty pictures all over and a creamy curtain...*

sorry broken the place needed help


Angel of Death
gumercules said:
my curiosity is piqued... what makes the lamp so complicated?
The lamp was A NIGHTMARE from hell. Its a standing lamp

It came in a tiny little box and I was like

"ohhhh look it how cute it can break down"

open the boxs i figured you know simple put the base together crap and screw in the light bulbs....

NO can do...

the base was easy right

but the hard part came that in order to get it into a nice little package they had to really really break it down

well the arms have wires running to them and everything is connected through the base...
so you had to carefully remove from package... right and string the lamp across the floor. so you screw in each arm and when you pull the wires tight they fit into the top center peice.... then you pull on the cord that plugs into the wall and you screw the pole together and then you keep on pulling the cord through the metal poles till you get to the stand and you have to pull the cord even further to get enough to plug in

I shouldn't say it was complex, just a pain in the fucking ass. The other ones i put together you just snapped the base together...

no clue why this one was so diffrent, i forgot to buy bulbs or i would plug it in and see if it works....


i redid the roof now its got shingles and vents and all the other crap
ummmmm... what color should i paint it???
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