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Headlines WWII color pics


You're my number two
Nice! The P-38 and the P-51 Mustang (plane that won the war) are no doubt, my 2 favorite planes from the WWII time period. The P-51 was versatile and powerful. I saw a mustang in person, at the air show at Gabreski National Air Guard base here in West Hampton. I was in awe, almost brought to tears, thinking about my father. It was used for everything from air superiority roles; to the first of the wild weasel and tank killer modes.
The p-38 was a stable air frame, a joy to fly, and it was a p-38 responsible for the downing of Yamamoto’s aircraft. A key turning point in the pacific war. They decoded a Japanese message and learned where Yamamoto was going, then planned a low level approach (just feet above sea level), located his plane 400 or so mile away and shot it down. There is currently still controversy over which of the 4 planes out of 7 that made it to the target, made the actual kill, but there is no doubt that it was the P-38 lightning that made the kill.

My compliments to you, for bringing these images of such amazing pieces of military hardware to us.


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I like the yellow airplane. But seriously, I though everything was in black and white back then.


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P40's kicked ass back then
In China
Under Major General Claire Lee Chennault's command
Also F4U is awesome