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Fresh Meat
An ambitious title for an ambitious post.
I was never one for much small-talk, so I’ll jump straight into the thick of it.

Where has gunpowder gotten us?
It has given us nothing but war and, inevitably, death. We are sprayed with its black powder, and the darkness seeps into our skin as much as blood, and yet, we continue to use it. I am by no means a fool. I realize that gunpowder will not simply cease to exist, and I doubt most countries would allow it to vanish.
Let’s be practical here. We all know that gunpowder is, and—most likely—always will be, used by the masses.

One government will not stop using gunpowder unless it was sure that every other country in the world stopped using it at the same time—which, I don’t think I need to say—is impossible.

The very thought of it is outrageous.

So, no, I am not calling for governments to lay down their arms, and no, I am not calling for the masses to lay down their arms. Horizons can only stretch so far, and it will not stretch that far.

I did not merely write all of this to rant about gunpowder, because I am a man of action, and I don’t think any of the above is possible. I am going to propose something outrageous. Something that will require consideration and deep thought. Not because it is violent; no blood would be shed. But because it is revolutionary.

Ideas are the cornerstone of society and the people who built democracy’s were revolutionaries. I believe that the time is ripe to usher in a new era. An era where violence by gunpowder, uranium, and plutonium is nonexistent.

In short terms, I aim to get rid of everything that makes a bang. Bombs. Guns. Atom bombs. Hydrogen bombs. I can name a million more things, but I think you get the point.

How will I make this happen? Well, I can't make everyone just drop everything, can I? We'll start like this: I was once told that to make change, I must first start with myself.

I think I'm going to heed that advice.

But I'm also going to take it a step further.

Enough rambling: my plan is to build communities where these things don't exist. At all. It's not like I can make it disappear off the face of the Earth, but what I can do, (with some help), is to monitor what comes in and out of this city community, to make sure that gunpowder and other such poisons will never land on our soil. We can make an advanced society, even! Think about it. A fresh start. A place where you can live without fear, without the constant protests. This country would essentially be run by a council of five, chosen by the people of this country. Each of the five would represent a component of society. Agriculture, economics, and so on.

This won't be easy. We would never receive support from anyone who is too attached to the old-ways.

To begin, we would need experts of almost every field. The energy sector (wind turbines, water, [not nuclear]), agricultural experts, socioecology experts, engineers of every sort, architects; you name it.

I merely want to see a society like this —to live in a society like this before I die. Peace, prosperity, happiness.

Guns will be gone, bombs will be gone, cannons will be gone. Knives, swords, and any of those sorts of things always existed, and always will, so there is no restriction on those.

Is this too far fetched? I don't think so. I think if I had enough support, people would follow this dream. I believe that we can do this. I believe in a better world. A world that I won't be afraid of bringing kids into. All I need is you. All your children need is you. All the world needs is you.


Rey de Currumpaw
Yeah... gunpowder gave us space flight, most of modern medicine and triage, it allowed us the ability to maximise food stores and create time for philosophy and a host of other things.

Gunpowder isnt the problem... ignorance and greed are. I suggest creating a society which has done away with government altogether...

But i realize my approach is only slightly less utopian than your closing of pandora's box.
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If it wasn't for gunpowder we'd all be speaking Mongol as well.

Without gunpowder, there wouldn't be fireworks. No pretty display celebrating your 4th of July Independence Day. Not that there would've been a 4th of July Independence Day, if it wasn't for gunpowder, but never mind that.


Fresh Meat
Holy shit, you guys are dumb. I'm not saying erase gunpowder from history, I'm saying that we can do without it today. Damn, I never thought I'd meet a dumber group of people.
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Holy shit, you guys are dumb. I'm not saying erase gunpowder from history, I'm saying that we can do without it today. Damn, I never thought I'd meet a dumber group of people.
About as dumb as your utopian communities. You're not the first moron who's wanted heaven on earth, and sadly you won't be the last. Your idea is also nothing new or revolutionary. Hippie communes (hippy havens) have similar beliefs. You're 21 though, so I understand your desire to want to change the world. It probably won't be until you're 30 when you will realize how much time you've wasted on fantasy. You don't change the world, the world changes you. Please repeat that piece of wisdom in your best Yakov Smirnoff voice. Oh wait. Never mind. You probably have no clue who I'm talking about.