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X-mas Sux


Merry X-mas,you ho-ho-ho's.
It's that time of year again. Woo-hoo!
I'm having retarded thoughts again,so bare with me. I was thinking,the holy Admins and staff here,have been entertaining your bordom for some time now. Yet,they've asked for nothing in return except for the fact that they geht the attention here that they can geht nowhere else. So,I propose we show our appriciation by pretending to send those monkeys(Admins&staff) a gift.
Here's the deal:If you could,what would you give your cybersitters for putting up with you and your BS?

Examples: A bag of Fuckin' Taters,my cat turd collection,two cans of pork and beans.

Tis the season for giving. Now,give it to them!
Merry X-mas....pbbbbt!


Devil Without A Cause
Christmas can only be crappy if you make it crappy, personally, sitting at my family's house opening for 4 hours isn't really that fun, you gotta make it fun. Just being around my family is cool.