Gaming XBox Game Helps Gamers Get In Shape


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If you can't afford a personal trainer, how about a virtual fitness trainer?

A new video game called Yourself!Fitness on XBox lets you set up a personal profile and walk through a fitness evaluation.

Based on that, the virtual personal trainer, named Maya, will create a customized health and fitness plan.

There is a memory chip in the game, so Maya can change your workouts based on your progress and your commitment to the program.

She can also integrate equipment you have at home into the workouts.

Yourself!Fitness has more than 500 unique exercises. There is also customized meal planning with more than 4,000 recipes.

Yourself!Fitness from responDesign will be available on PlayStation Two in January.

*Finally???!!Ahh I am not buying stock in this game. Watch it take off like gangbeusters...What are the odds?~Broken