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Discuss XI JINPING'S ultimate rule


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Xi Jinping, China's leader has introduced constitutional change that abolishes term limits. Living in a country heavily reliant on chinese trade and tourism. This is huge news. We are a country torn between western ideals and mutual benefit. Although our alliances lie with the old guard of the United States and Britain, This is news that could seriously effect Australia's trajectory. We have a massive chinese influence in our day to day life, and rely on them to the point of catastrophe, yet nobody seems to care...not even china.


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Well the tech companies are going to let China host "the cloud" for their people, and soon enough ALL of it from every country (wait and see), having the ability to censor information directly, worldwide. We see who's side of the NWO the tech companies (Amazon, Apple, etc.) are backing for world domination.

According to Apple, for the first time the company will store the keys for Chinese iCloud accounts in China itself.
Until now, such keys have always been stored in the United States, meaning that any government or law enforcement authority seeking access to a Chinese iCloud account needed to go through the US legal system.