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XTreme Mountain Biking


This looks friggin fun! Me and my friends would make a video of what we do in my wash, but its not as good. First, my wash is full of wide open spaces, cacti, and thorny bushes. It just ain't as cool as a good old forest. Second, my computer doesnt have the right outlet thing for my camera :(. If I did have that firewire outlet thing, I would be spamming Google Videos.

Near the end, the kid is riding on a thing about 5-6 feet above the ground, and what looks like a foot wide.


Banned - What an Asshat!
where's the people on bikes?
anyone can take photos of dirt?
get a headcam, take a bunch of rofys to loosen up the reflexes and lets see some shots of you nailing them bumps..
2 Things:

I took this just today, by myself.

These were made almost a year ago, now they are all deteriorated. We'll have to go back and fill up the holes, and clear the junk and weeds out of the way.


Soul Doubt
My friends and I used to have dirt jumps in a few forests around here...

My favorite was one that went down a hill, around a huge banked corner and hit a tabletop... Although I BMX, rather than mountain bike, I use it for dirt jumping :) Very fun to say the least.