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YAML(tm) (rhymes with "camel") is a straightforward machine parsable data serialization format designed for human readability and interaction with scripting languages such as Perl and Python. YAML is optimized for data serialization, configuration settings, log files, Internet messaging and filtering. YAML(tm) is a balance of the following design goals:

* YAML documents are very readable by humans.
* YAML interacts well with scripting languages.
* YAML uses host languages' native data structures.
* YAML has a consistent information model.
* YAML enables stream-based processing.
* YAML is expressive and extensible.
* YAML is easy to implement.
I've been using this for a few projects, and I have to say it's definitely a superior way to serialize data. It's extremely powerful and easy to learn; I learned it in about 5 minutes.

I just hope the new RSS and Atom specs use this instead of XML.