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Yay. It's almost Christmas time.


That Guy
It's also almost the new year and my birthday as well.

So, I will post about them all in one lovely little thread.

Christmas. The wonderful time of year where people are scrambling to get things done, people are shopping for gifts that they'll give to others who will pretend to like them, use them for a week, then forget about them.

Yep. It's a joyful time of year indeed. For everybody, it seems, except me... and Tostig.:happysad: Yes, tostig, I am stealing your thread. Deal with it.

Perhaps the main reason I hate christmas is because it's another lame-ass excuse for people to spend millions of dollars on gifts. Gifts for greedy bastards who want more. OK, maybe that's a harsh generalization. For a lot of people anyway.

Another thing I hate are those god-damn christmas songs. They were playing those at work today all day and they were driving me insane. No, I won't have a merry christmas. No, those song's don't make me happy. They make me want to thunt the person who wrote them down, shoot him, run him over, then shoot him again. Jesus fucking christ.

Soon after christmas comes new years. Yay. One shitty year is done, another shitty year is beginning. Big fucking deal. Chances are the next year will be just as shitty as the previous year. People make new year's resolutions, keep them for about a week, then promptly forget them. What's the point?

These two holidays are beginning to fall under what I like to call Hallmark holidays. Just a lame-ass excuse to buy lame-ass cards for people who laugh to make whoever bought the lame-ass card think they think the card's funny.

If that didn't make sense, I don't give a fuck. The only good thing about this season are the mandrin oranges.

As for my birthday... Again, I don't see what the big deal is. I didn't accomplish anything in the 20th year of my life. I didn't make a huge impact on the world. It's just another shitty day among many. I never do anything for my birthday because all the people who give a shit about me left. Except my family, and they're boring.

If I'm not working on that day, I'm going to sleep the whole day.


"Mayor of Pussy Town"
in some ways you are so fucking right........yet in others i must disagree.... The point of x-mas is to celebrate a birthday of a truly spectacular man.....whether you think the man is who they say or not, you have to admit he was a great man whether you see him as more than that or not, he died for a cause, some say our sins, others think justice, but the point is the same, and yes the average day is shitty, but if every day were great it wouldnt make the good things seem so wonderful.

As for your b-day, i hope you enjoy it, go out, if not with family or friends, maybe to a movie you like or just go clubbin and get some ass......w/e works for you bro ;)


howdy ya'lll
i feel your pain,i was working in a shopping center today and all they played was christmas head was splitting