Years Long Past

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
I often sit pondering on life,
Sometimes this brings on an inner strife.

Pertaining to years from long ago,
Grief inside attacks an inner foe.

How have these years passed so fast,
I am afflicted with a remorseful past.

I continue down this road of fate,
Looking forward to extricate,
However, life progresses at a slow gait.

Looking back, I feel only pain,
Standing still, I am now crane.

Which way to go,
Where shall my emotion flow.

I look forward and see a seemingly bottomless well,
From here, I shall fall and arrive in my hell.

But wait, how can this be,
A tunnel vision life expectancy.

My hand rescues me from my fall,
And I stand up more tall.

I continue down my life track,
Only occasionally looking back.