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Yet another tale of my father's jackassery. Huzzah.


Mericuhn in Straya
It's pretty long so if you don't want to read it, you don't have to.

Last weekend, my parents came home from going out with some friends at about 2am. My dad was drunk, they were fighting again, and it was really annoying, so I tried to ignore it. After much yelling, however, my dad starts yelling, "Amanda! Amanda, wake your ass up, you mother just threatened to kill herself!" (And I know this not to be true, I just don't remember exactly what was said beforehand). He comes out in front of my door and knocks on it, trying to wake me up and ask me a question/what I thought of that. I kept telling him to go away, so he got pissed. He went back into their room, which is right next to mine, and they continued yelling. Eventually he called her a slut, and my mom is the type to get really offended by that sort of thing... so she started yelling at him, I'm not a slut, blah blah, and she slapped him. There were sounds of struggle, and then after that, my dad was like, "I'm gonna call the police on you," To my mom. She yelled that he punched her, and to go ahead and do it. My dad said something along, "I've got the strangle marks to prove my story"... There was a momentary break and I asked my mom if I could go somewhere else that night, and she was like, "No Amanda, it would be in your best interests to stay here tonight."

I'm sitting there like, fuck no.

So I go into the living room and pick up my mom's cell phone (coz I don't have one) and start searching through the contacts (coz I put some of my friend's numbers in there too). My dad comes in the livingroom and yanks the phone out of my hand. I yelled at him for a little bit, but I don't recall what was said, but I remember that he said something like, no, no, I don't want to talk to you right now, you didn't answer my question. Then he went on to say that all three of us (Me, my mom, and my brother) could all go to hell.
Later on, he was like, "Oh I realize I'm in this alone" (of course after he told us to go to hell, hooray.)
So I took the home phone, realizing that two of the three people I could call were gone, and went into my room... Called my friend Katie... Her mom picked up and asked if I wanted to talk to her, I said yes... and that it was important.... So Katie woke up and I asked her if she could drop by and pick me up, she asked why, I explained that it was my parents... Started crying...blahblah. So I went out into the entryway which is right next to the living room, so I could wait for Katie.
Parents brought the fight into the living room again...
Continued to go on about affairs my father has had, with one woman in Japan, one woman in Guam, and he said that it didn't count as long as he didn't do anything with them, and then my mom pointed out that he fucked one of our family friends--one of my friends, (she's 21).
So I'm sitting there waiting for Katie to show up while hearing all this shit, bleh. It was horrible. Then Katie picked me up and all was well...
But I can't stand the fact that I can no longer have any respect for my father. And that I can't talk to the family friend ever again. I asked my mom when she and my dad were going to seperate, and she said probably never. I asked if it was because of the money, and she said yes, partially, and then never gave any more reasons.
Bleh. Families are fun. Sorry about the length of the post. Just had to get it out.


Banned - What an Asshat!

It seems apparent who the child in the family is. Either your father and mother need counseling, or just your father alone, it seems he did more of the damage.

Sorry to hear all the bullshit going on. Families do suck, when infused with alcohol.


Mericuhn in Straya
I wish that my dad would get help, but he's one of the "proud" types that don't need help from anybody.
Thanks, though.