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You ever get that feeling in the ocean


Teh SUx
You ever get that feeling when your swimming in the ocean, far, far away from the sand bank. I went to montauk 2 months ago to swim, the waves were like monsters! I got pulled in I tryed gettin my self out, but you cant fight the waves. I felt like my life was over, I just felt like I had to give up. I swallwed so much salt water that I couldnt breath. You got to watch out when your in the ocean when its a very stormy day. And another time at Robert Moses, a few years ago the waves were so strong, that I kept on gettin wrecked and crippled. One big wave shot me out into the sand bank, and the force felt like I was getting shot from a ki blast. I was like "ooo Shiit". I almost lost my bathing suit, It was begining to fall off.


Banned - What an Asshat!
we odnt have huge waves here in the pacific nw, not really, unless there is a storm, and the water in summer is about 65 degrees. but I swim in it evey chance I get. I used to scare the shit out of my mom because I would swim to where she could not see me. But, I have been caught in under tows in the N. umpqua river and drug down, I drowned, my uncle had to recesutate me.