You feel better now? Really?

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Okay, Well this follows from the story in Insigificant others, about the women who came to live with us.
Go read it for all the juicy details, but if you can't be fucked, I'll just do a quick run through.
Well this women came here to live with us from the US and shit went down, She tried to get with my dad, which didn't work and ever since then she always has something to fucking complain or write shitty emails to my dad.

Well, now I'm so FUCKED OFF with her, Seriously she has pissed me off righteously, I just want to fucking either hit her, or something.

She came in the fucking kitchen and picked on me about not talking to her. Shut up bitch! YOU NEVER strike up a conversation, Stop being a whiner. This is just after she earlier had a fight with my dad.
Do you come home just to fucking start a fight??
JESUS I'm so angry with her right now!
And she starts saying "Oh! Thank you, Now I feel much better"
REALLY?!?! Do you?? Now that you have come complaining to me? and I listened to all your problems??? And you picked on me? Yeah?

I SOO want to hit her right now. :mad:

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Yeah, I wish I could but I'm sure I would get in shit for it. But she goes on about how I hardly say anything to her. Ohh..Yeah sure.

And she said "Oh I don't like being yelled at, It puts me off my guard" WHOS YELLING?!?! I would like to yell at you so you would get it through your thick scull.

I'll just go hit something that's near her to go fucking scare her. OF COUSE! shes nice now!


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Dude, hitting people just gets you into trouble. Trust me, this I know firsthand.

And yelling... well she apparently can't take that. So the next time she starts whinning to you about why you never talk to her just say "That's because I don't like you. You're like a vacant building being used by squaters to shoot meth... I'm just waiting for the city to tear you down and build a park instead."

Or you could just stick with the first part. It'll probably shut her up. And if she complains... you've got the truth on your side. She came LOOKING for the truth, you told her the truth... she just didn't like what she heard. (Ok, the vacant building with meth adicts part might get you into trouble...)


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i would have said next time she says anything make sure youve got the tomato sauce and mayonaise neer you. but decents sounds like more fun.

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the poster is a girl so tucking her dick b/t her legs isnt an option.
anyway i see it as you got three options:
A) ignore her and know that she is a bitch
B) just wait and say something really witty to her
C) get revenge: bleech in the gas tank!